Key Issues

Addressing the Rising Cost of Living

There is a housing crisis in Albany County. As County Legislator, I will prioritize initiatives to address the skyrocketing cost of living including rent stabilization, tenant resources, affordable housing development, and wraparound support services. I will also work to address the root causes of homelessness by advocating for increased funding for supportive services, mental health care, and substance use treatment, and collaborating with local stakeholders, including housing advocates, developers, and government agencies.

Investing in Our Community

Economic development should benefit all members of our community, particularly those who have been historically underserved. As County Legislator, I will support small businesses and local job creation, as well as funding for our community centers, schools, parks, and libraries. My plan includes advocating for small business grants, job training programs, and equitable economic development policies that create opportunities for local residents to thrive. I will also work to address barriers to employment, such as lack of access to transportation, affordable childcare, and education, and collaborate with local businesses, community organizations, and workforce development agencies.

Expanding Access to Mental Health Care

Mental health services are vital for the overall well-being of our community, yet too often, the people who need them the most face significant barriers to access. As County Legislator, I will prioritize expanding access to mental health services by advocating for sustainable funding and resources, promoting mental health awareness and education, and collaborating with local healthcare providers and community organizations to ensure that comprehensive and culturally competent mental health services are available and accessible to everyone who needs them.

Promoting Safe Streets for All

Everyone deserves to feel safe when walking or biking in their neighborhood. As County Legislator, I will support investments in complete streets to make Albany more welcoming to people of all ages and abilities. This includes creating dedicated bike lanes, enhancing pedestrian crosswalks, and implementing traffic calming measures to reduce speeding. Additionally, I will advocate for increased community engagement, and prioritizing accessibility for individuals with disabilities. By prioritizing these improvements, we can foster a more vibrant, connected, and secure community for everyone.

Leading with Integrity

I believe government should be transparent, accountable, and responsive to the communities they represent. As County Legislator, I will work to improve accessibility, communication, and public engagement in county government decisions. I will also support measures to reduce response times for FOIL requests, impose penalties for non-compliance with FOIL regulations, and expand the scope of information that is subject to public disclosure. Additionally, I will work to strengthen the enforcement of the Open Meetings Law by closing loopholes that allow for meetings to be conducted in secrecy. I will also support efforts to increase public participation in government meetings by providing remote access options and promoting greater engagement through digital platforms.